100% Jojoba Oil (10 ml)

100% Jojoba Oil (10 ml)

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As a more experienced piercing fan you probably already know this one; Jojoba Oil. Although, this incredibly practical substance isn't really oil, it's liquid wax. When on room temperature this light yellow substance behaves just like oil and can be used in many ways for both yourself and you piercings.

Some examples of the uses of Jojoba Oil:

  • Use the oil as 'stretch oil' when stretching your ears
  • Lubricate the skin surrounding 'external' piercings with oil
  • Nurture dry and/or irritated skin with oil
  • Keep you organic piercings neat by lightly brushing them with oil
  • Use a little bit oil as lubricant on your piercing bar before putting them in

There a lot more things Jojoba Oil could be used for. This magic substance is also used a lot in cosmetic practices. Jojoba Oil doesn't degrade and nurtures the skin without feeling greasy. 

Our 100% Jojoba Oil is sold in small vials of 10 ml. Might not seem like much but should last you a long time. 

Additional Info
Additional Info
Item code JOJOBA-10
Product type Oils
Suited for Piercings, Tattoo
Shelf life 12 Months
Contains 10 ml
Sold by Price a piece
Brand Piercing Mania
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